The Tailcoat Collector



Feature Film by Tomás Portella

Portugal; Brazil

Peri is a debt collector working for a loan shark in downtown Rio de Janeiro. Being the tough guy that be is, Peri has a high success rate when it comes to collecting for bis boss. His methods, however. are questionable. After making a terrible mistake, Peri is shipped out of Brazil. Knowing no other languages, Peri goes to Portugal where he finds work in a traditional debt collecting company called "The Tailcoat Collector". To Peri's surprise, here the job is about embarrassing the defaulter into payment by following him around wearing a tailcoat Nothing more. Without realising he was breaking the rules, Peri breaks collecting records by using his own "unusual methods". However, in one of bis assignments, Peri is required to collect from the first woman who helped him in the new country, someone who he is completely attracted to.