The Maids



TV Series by Vicente Alves do Ó


We are in 1952 – in the city of Lisbon. Or we could start in the village of Trancoso, in the north of the country. Amelia is 9 years old and helps her father who is a pastor. She spends her days with the sheep – taking care of them – singing the songs Grandma Carminda taught her when she was little. But Amelia's life changes the day her father falls dead to the ground and dies without knowing what. Without her father, Amelia's mother has only one solution: to take care of the children's lives, as Amelia is sent to work in the house of a lady in Lisbon who also took in the daughter of a neighbour. This is Amelia's story and of two other girls/servants like her, who came to the capital and who try not to disappear behind an invisible, service life, where the future looks difficult.