Feature Film by Vicente Alves do Ó


Sines. 1982. Vasco is 10 years old, lives with his mother as a hairdresser; is the result of an adulterous relationship; dreams of the series: Espaço 1999; sleeps on a sofa bed; doesn't know his father, who every day lurks at work after school; runs away from home to play in the streets; is hit by a belt when he loses track of time; steals his mother's wallet; loves his grandmother; is afraid of horses… but above all else, he tries to survive a daily life with no rules, no future, no principles and with no reason. Over the course of a year, we follow this kid's life, his realisation of his reality, the silence and shame that surround him, his burgeoning love of cinema and books, his mother's depression and his father's absence, and the certainty that, in order to survive, he needs to grow up, even if it's before his supposed time.