Lu Nan


Documentary; Biography

Documentary Feature by Luís Filipe Rocha

Portugal; Italy

An image of a naked skinny man appears on the screen, he’s been hospitalised for six years in a precarious hospital in China. Another image show us a woman tied up to a bed that has grown fist-sized bedsores because no one turned her over and washed her. Lu Nan lives in Beijing, he’s a photographer, and was invited to the Magnum Photos Agency. Today he is one of the most important Asian photographer worldwide. He’s a bridge between the west and the east. He devoted the last thirty years of his life to the humble, silent and lonely artistic work, building over fifteen years, its trilogy which is an astonishing ensemble of living human portraits, a moving chant to Life and the Human Condition. Taking advantage of Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy” structure and Lu Nan’s Trilogy, this never made documentary will be revealing Lu Nan's magnificent work and perspective, his Portrait as an Artist and Humanist.