2012 Drama / Biography Sales by Ukbar Filmes

feature film byVicente Alves do Ó


Florbela Espanca is one of the most important marks in Portuguese XX century poetry. Her story can be told with or without its notorious side. Aside the fascination for its scandalous nature, it will always be a story of a passionate woman which created and inspired passion. MORE

She reinvented de concept of being a poet in her time and still it echoes in our days and most certainly in times to come. This is the intimate portrait of Florbela: a life filled with suffering from where derived the most enchanted poetry, never afar from sensuality. The path by which her words became eternal. LESS

Golden Globe 2013 Best Actress - Dalila Carmo SGolden Globe 2013 Best Director - Vicente Alves do Ó Sophia Awards 2013 Best Lead Actress - Dalila Carmo Sophia Awards 2013 Best Supporting Actress - Anabela Teixeira Sophia Awards 2013 Best Photography - Luís Branquinho Sophia Awards 2013 Best Soundtrack - Jaime Barros, Tiago Matos & Elsa Ferreira Sophia Awards 2013 Best Costume Design - Silvia Grabowski Sophia Awards 2013 Best Film Rio's International Film Festival 2012 Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo 2012 European Union Film Festival, Beijing, 2013